• Lightweight aluminum cylinders with easy to read fuel level gauges
  • Cylinders are computer filled to exact accuracy, every time
  • Regularly scheduled, on time deliveries
  • New powder coated steel storage racks
  • Competitive fixed-rate pricing assists with your company’s budget forecasting


  • All cylinders are visually inspected and leak checked each time they are returned to our facility
  • Cylinders are equipped with a redundant fail safe connection to help prevent product loss
  • Our cylinder exchange programs eliminated any potential safety hazard of having employees fill cylinders on site
  • 24-hr emergency answering service


  • Out of date cylinders are pulled from service and requalified which means your company will always have up to date cylinders and remain OSHA compliant
  • Monthly propane safety information emailed to you
  • Free on-site training offered to your employees
  • We are always here to help; additional compliance resources available upon request